Sunday, July 17, 2016


You wake up early every morning to go to school, you are young and bursting of energy, you are at university , you are looking for a job maybe you have a big debt to refund or you don't, you are working you are still running to have a good life , you have children you need to work more to give them a better life , you are not as young as you was, maybe you are thinking about retirement and the pension , you are too old and waiting for death , but have you been alive ? have you know what is the meaning of life ? have you ever thought about being conscious the moment you are living

Our life is a  rush , a rush to complete our studies , to have a good job, to marry and have a family to die ! we are always looking for more money for a bigger house for a faster car or for the newest smartphone , to watch the last episode of our series 

Are you enjoying the way you are living, have you ever thought about looking in the sky and admiring its beauty or chasing a smile in the person in front of you

Stop right where you are , take a long breath and start living every second in your life, you will die really soon maybe in few years maybe after 100 years but its just a few moments away, so take your time to look for what you really want, you are not supposed to pass time and waste it, you are supposed to take advantage of it , find that meaning for your life, stop complaining and write something, draw something say something , make something , add something to this universe , put your fingerprint, think about it and live your life